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Who can you blame on the content?

Passionate about marketing, design and new technology, Jussi Piri has over 10 years of marketing, business development and project management experience coming from the global cosmetics and FMCG company L’Oréal, the leading Finnish sports fashion retailer Top-Sport, and the leading Nordic telecommunications company TeliaSonera. In one half of his career, Jussi has consulted CxO’s in the telecom sector, SME directors in a variety of industries, and retail heads and managers in the consumer goods sector. In the other half he has managed the marketing for top-tier brands, as well as, developed upcoming brands towards their full potential. Be it through changes to portfolio, advertising, sales promotions or new pricing strategies. Beyond the business, he is a self-proclaimed movie buff, a wannabe artist, a taste bud tinkerer and an appreciator of everything beautiful.

Jussi writes about what tickles his bell in any given day. The opinions given are his own, not his employers. Actually, sometimes even the opinions are not his own. Sometimes the opinions are written towards a certain objective or to arouse discussion. Sometimes not.

True to the nature of this publication, his views are sometimes stupid, sometimes insightful, but always worth a read.