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This is the Outside View Blog.

If we have managed to lure you this far, we’ve already won half the battle. We’ve got your attention (god only knows why) and grasped your interest long enough for you to press the ‘about’ button. Now you’re only two steps away from commenting, following, and buying a T-Shirt to showcase your eternal devotion.

Yes, we’re firm believers to the AIDA model invented already in the 19th century*. We also think that the later modifications the like of AIDAS, AIDCAS or CAB are either missing the point or are too theoreticalfor their own good. Yes, we like simplicity; we’re simple people and have seen simple solutions to always overpower the complicated ones. And yes, we like creativity and originality; it is always harder to create than it is to modify.

We’re passionate about marketingdesignnew technology and society. Those are the areas we tell stories about. Unless we write about something else.


We Write What We Preach. 

The content of the posts will vary from in-depth criticisms to illustrating the foundations behindprinciples to insights and after thoughts to case examples and re-distributed writings. It will be varied. There are however two ongoing series:

  1. The Basics.Some of the content and posts are directed more to the novices in the areas and are purposefully longer, but also more informative. Admittingly, we also learned while writing these cases – it is never too late to prep you knowledge on the foundations of principles. You always learn new things. The what is and our own for dummies series are written with this perspective in mind.
  2. Bite-Sized. Some content is meant to be consumed from your mobile on your way to work or with a cup of coffee during the morning. Those are labeled bite-sized. The text are shorter, some insightful, others regretfully stupid. But it is not a twitter feed, which we too have, but as separate.

So it is marketingdesignnew technology and society. Content that is hopefully at least sometimes original and creativesimple and not too theoretical. Some sections are longer some shorter.

If you think we’re missing a perspective or are just plain stupid and have the most uninformed opinions on the face of this planet, you can always try to prove us wrong. We’ll also gladly accept your suggestions on topics that should be covered. We’re also not above praise, and like to soak in it every chance we get.



*Attention, Interest, Desire, Action (AIDA) was invented already in 1898 by Mr. E. St. Elmo Lewis. See, you really were half way through.