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No New iPad HD, Apple TV and iOS 5.1 Story. No, Nothing of Apple Today. This Is About Timing and Relevancy.


To boost the technology side here, I should really write about something related to Apple today. Anything about the iPad HD launch, about the new Apple TV with improved definition and user interface or about the iOS 5.1., which for some reason seems to be the topic on everyones tongue in Twitter (should I upgrade to see what the fuzz is all about?).

Actually, it seems at least two Apple topics are trending at the same time – the ‘iOS 5.1′ and the ‘New iPad’. It is amazing to see the pull the Apple brand has. This together with the launch and tons of news articles published to to high traffic news sites gives an amazing opportunity to any content marketer in any form related to the Apple, technology or to the creative ones that can put a relevant spin and suck people in as the buzz is highest. And to be more exact, it really gives an amazing opportunity to any and all content marketers. But only, if you can find a relevant way the buzz topic of today fits your existing framework and site / brand image.

Why should I write about Apple today even though I have absolutely nothing to say on the topic?

Because, as I said above, timing and relevancy will do wonders to your page views and metrics both in the short and long run. Not only will it increase your Google page rank in long term, but also bring a significant amount of visitors to your site. Just be careful not to mislead the people coming to read your article, and even more so, to your site.

To be 100% sure it works outside of general business context as well, I verified the approach here at The Outside View Blog. I did this in a very simple and fast way on the two of the last three articles in this site the RIP Facebook – Social Business is Here [Infographic] and What People Think I Do / What I Really Do Meme: Marketing, Design, Technology & Sales. And no, these are not probably the best case examples of articles you should produce, but they will give you an idea on what you could be doing and most importantly, they did verify the hypothesis I had: timing and relevancy will boost your traffic in a huge way even in a non-business context, if you do it right.

What results can timing and relevancy give to you and your website?

At the time of the RIP Facebook – Social Business is Here [Infographic] article RIP Facebook was trending in Twitter. With What People Think I Do / What I Really Do Meme: Marketing, Design, Technology & Sales article Mashable had just declared that meme the most popular meme of the moment. With correct timing and some semi-clever exposure (and linking) of the last mentioned article, it alone has brought

  • over 7.000 people to this site,
  • it’s been read over 45.000 times in total (when all the syndicated sources are summed up),
  • and the articles together still continue to bring over 300 unique visitors to his site daily.

Quite an amazing numbers for simple, small effort articles in a newcomer blog.

So as you can see, I really should write about something of Apple today. But this is the extent I will got to with it. Lets see what happens, and if timing with very little relevancy and no linking efforts can do its magic the third time in a row.

Thought of the Day 3: #Kisses and #Tweets

thought-of-the-day-image_at_theoutsideviewblog-com_marcweiz-stock-by-madetobeunique-and-gojol23-at-deviantart“Kiss more, tweet less.”

– Maija Aalto





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Advice Requested on a Twitter Anomaly. A Reward Given for Advice.

twitter-follow-unfollow-outsideviewblogWe are making a request to both the twitter advocates and advisers, as well as, to the majestic blogosphere.

We need your help to sort out the statistics of our Twitter account: Why do people unfollow as soon as they follow? Is it a new Twitter trend, is it due the nature of our tweets, is it a normal percentage (statistics are below) and we just haven’t noticed it in other occasions, is it something we do, or something totally else? Is there some way it could be avoided?

Any and all help in solving this anomaly is more than appreciated!

The Questions Is: Why Do So Many of the Ones Pressing the Follow Button Unfollow You in the Same Instant?

We been on Twitter with this account from the 1st of October, and with originally created content through this site from the 7th of December.

Based on a quick analysis on our Twitter follower status today (on the 28th of December 2011), a whopping 55% of the ‘followers’ have ‘unfollowed’ us in a weeks time from the original follow-action. To us this number seems huge. Are all of these so called followers just follow-baiters or is the question of something else?

We imagine that many are trying to bait us to follow them, but as newbies in the usage of twitter for blogging purposes (in a non-corporate or strictly personal capacity), we are really amazed at the number of ‘poppers‘ we get to our account. ‘Poppers’ or what ever you want to call the accounts or the persons who try to bait you to follow them. Easy due to the old Twitter culture of ‘if you follow me, I follow you’. A kids play of a habit may we dare to say.

If You Know Or Can Guess the Reason, We Would More Than Appreciate Your Advice!

To us this is a new evolution in Twitter, something we haven’t encountered before in business or personal context. As such, we are extremely intrigued by it, by the ‘anomaly’.

Have you encountered it before? Are all all of those just link baiters? Are we doing something totally wrong with this twitter account? What is your take on the reasons? If you can provide us with any insight, we more than appreciate you comments or direct messages to us.

As A Reward We Commit to Building a Link to Your Page of Choosing.

As a reward for your time and trouble, we will help you to build links and so do our small part in increasing your traffic. We will build a link to the account you mention in your comment in a separate post communicating the resolution to this predicament. Besides this small link building effort, you of course,  deserve our warmest heartfelt thank you! So oncve again, and already in advance, thank you! We give a two month time span to get and create enough content for the new article and for you to help us with the answer.