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Catvertising vs. Dogvertising. The Epic Battle.


I’m foreseeing a battle of epic proportions: The battle of dogs and cats over the dominion of the advertising world.

The battle maybe new, but the war is as old as the world we live in. The echoes of this battle between the age old enemies have been heard on the ether for a while now. For those who know how to interpret the signs, this inevitable clash of two powerhouses comes as no surprise.

For a while now both sides have been making strategic moves across one of the key battle fields – Youtube – placing their troops on carefully selected positions: Cats and their brethren have amassed a considerable sized army behind them, with our search experts tell amount to over 2.025.000* videos in Youtube alone. But the dogs seem to have a slight lead in troops and in the so important battle over the hearts of people with over 2.304.00* videos in total.

Maybe this intelligence let the catside to start their attack sooner than the analysts expected. To resolve the war to their advantage with a one swift, well placed blow to the dogside. This first sneak attack on November 10th 2011 was the start of what we now know as the Catvertising movement:

Catvertising gaining huge popularity in the advertising world, the dogs could do nothing but defend to bid some time for a full blown counterattack. We could hear them bark: ‘you will not win the dominion of the advertising world that easily’. They placed their first line of defense on sure ground:

But those of us who have observed the war across time and space knew that they were just playing time, and that a real counterattack was already in the plans.

On January 18th it started. The first counterattack of the dogs. The first flex of muscles of the powerhouse of Dogvertising. A wave of attacks the size we can yet but imagine:
Given the power of just this first wave with the new and surprising alliances the Dogvertising world has made, we can see the cats shaking.

They could not have expected a blow of this magnitude this fast, or could they?

We know that cats are sneaky by nature and ferocious once cornered, but we also can feel the ground tremble over the power of the dogs counterattack.

Is the last battle over the dominion of the advertising world at out hands? Is it all solved at superbowl game day? Who are you rallying for Catvertising or Dogvertising? Kittens or Puppies? Which side will win the war?

Darth Vader – The Sword Master – is Dead.

darth-vader-faceLets honor the man behind the light sabre of Darth Vader: The Olympic-level swordsman and fight choreographer extraordinaire Bob Anderson has passed away.

Mr. Anderson, who made a long career as the man behind the fight scenes of some of the most successful and epic movies to date has passed away the 1st of January 2012 at the honorable age of 89. He was one of the most sought after sword masters in the movie world, working on everything from the James Bond adventures, to The Legend of Zorro and more lately the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

But what we honor him the most for, was his epic handling of the light sabre as the Darth Vader. He donned the black helmet in two of the three original Star Wars films, The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi.

The above is just a small example of his work at The Empire Strikes Back. The classic fight scene between Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker.

Darth Vader, as we all know, is still one of the most revered and recognizable movie characters of all time, and has continued a life of his own after the movies – even in the world of advertising. We wish the family of Mr. Anderson all well and smile a bit as we know his work will continue to be enjoyed by many in some of the most loved movies of all time.