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Contribute, Share & Get a Free Track at iTunes: (RED) and ONE Campaign to Stop AIDS.


2015-quilt-red-one-against-aids-theoutsideviewblog-com-33257(RED)One International and Klout have teamed up to harness celebrities, musicians and social media influencers for their campaign against AIDS. Our first ever Klout perk ignited the spark for participation, the message and design work got us hooked and the free iTunes track received was the sweet tasting reward. And maybe we even managed to help the campaign, very much the same way you can do now

Browsing through the new and improved Klout I jumped as I saw the first ever ‘perk’ offered to me (Klout is still extremely U.S. centric so us Europeans don’t get to enjoy the absolutely, fantastically, super-fabulous perks the way You Americans do). I was exhilarated to see that the (RED) and One International  had joined forces with Klout and were extending their campaign to fight against AIDS to influencers in social media or at least to influencers as determined by Klout.

Nevertheless, the campaign had already spurred some actions from brands the like of Converse to gossip mongers the like of Perez Hilton and musical superstars the like of U2 to Hollywood stars the like of Hugh Jackman or Oprah Winfrey, as well as, from us less known men of the world (talking about me here) so extending the campaigns reach even further.

The (2015) Quilt campaign message is a compelling one:

“1,000 babies are born with HIV every day. By 2015 that number can be near zero. (RED) and ONE’s (2015)QUILT is a digital patchwork of photos and images made by people all over the world who have pledged to join the fight for an AIDS Free Generation by 2015″.

The campaign uses the good old involvement and bribing tactics to spread the message. All the while you’re also doing something for the benefit of the man kind. A chance not many of us would shy away from – especially as you don’t even have to donate any money unless you want to, of course.

  • Involvement in the way that you can create your own quilt panel patch from interesting pre-made ‘quilt-types’ or from you photos at Facebook. Take a look at our patch HERE. The pledge made by us was to contribute by sharing this information here, but now that I’ve also browsed through the merchandise, I think those red Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars or the Solange Heart Pendant might end up to the christmas present basket after all. A good way to help the campaign while also making your friends and loved ones happy.
  • Bribing in the way that, if contributing, you can download a special edition song of your choosing by The Killers.
  • And naturally you can share what you’ve done with your friends and followers in Facebook and Twitter. Furthermore, they added the possibility to share the Klout Perk. A very good idea – both for Klout and the campaign. So as they said: use your Klout for good and take the opportunity to benefit from the Klout Perk we got by clicking HERE.

The social networks are  in all standards under-utilised by charity organisations across the world – almost to the same degree as by SME’s, but not quite. It warms the ol’ digital heart to see this campaign to such a good start. Again in this year. Maybe the rest will follow.

It is Christmas you know and the elves are watching your every step. So be good, participate, spread the word, and maybe even buy some nice looking (RED) products for the benefit of the campaign.