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Marketing: The Chuck Norris Strategy


“If your company were to be Chuck Norris, you wouldn’t need to do anything”.

– A Wise Man

  • You wouldn’t need to invest in knowing the market and your customer.
  • You wouldn’t need to invest in researching and producing the solution your customers need when they need it in the way they experience it the best way possible.
  • You wouldn’t need to invest in people designing new ways to catch the interest of your target audience.
  • You would need to invest in reaching your target audience often enough to not only catch their interest, but to keep it and convert it to sales.
  • You wouldn’t need to invest in monitoring the market and the reactions of both your current and potential customers in order to see the effects your actions, and those of your competitors, have had and learn and improve your ways.

No you wouldn’t need to. As Chuck Norris just is. And that is more than any competition can handle.

There is no Chuck Norris here.