Viral Marketing for Dummies


Welcome to the 10 part viral marketing encyclopedia: Viral Marketing for Dummies – the complete resource for viral marketing for dummies like you and me.

Whether you are a seasoned professional or a business student, there are new insights to be gained to viral marketing through the methodological step-by-step dissection we take. In the 10 parts you can find everything from viral marketing definitions and principles to strategies and real world tactics to case examples and analysis, as well as, an empirical study on where all the instructions given are put to a test.

The 10 parts are published one at a time. You can find them below and from the marketing section in this site as they become available. Please enjoy.


01. Foreword for Viral Marketing

02. What is Viral Marketing

03. Three Reasons Why Viral Marketing is Popular

Next: 04 Viral Marketing in Your Marketing Mix

Later: 05 Viral Marketing Benchmarks

Later: 06 Tools For Viral Marketing Success

Later: 07 What is a Successful Viral Marketing Campaign

Later: 08 How to: The Recipe for Viral Marketing Campaign

Later: 09 The Viral Marketing Experiment: Building a Campaign From Scratch And Reporting the Results

Later: 10 Viral Marketing Concluded

We will be accepting suggestions for content (guidelines, suggestions for good benchmarks and case studies, pages to use as a reference, etc.) till the final chapter. Enjoy and spread the word.

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